Ripple Tank Mkiii

This compact unit provides an elegant method of demonstrating the wave phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference with none of the setting-up problems usually associated with ripple tanks. The concept has been further developed to offer new features and simplicity in this MkIII design.
The unit is completely self-contained with the translucent viewing screen hinging away to reveal a 12 cm water tank. The tank is removable for ease of use and has an integral multi-faceted beach which virtually eliminates unwanted reflections.
Illumination is from a high intensity built-in LED which can be automatically strobed in sync with the waves to give perfectly stationary images, or switched to allow the user independent control of the wave and strobe frequencies giving the impression of wave motion across the viewing screen.
The unit is supplied with three robust dippers which can be easily adjusted to suit the depth of water being used. A selection of barriers shapes and lenses are also provided to enable reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference along with the focussing properties of lenses to be demonstrated. All of the accessories can be stored neatly inside the unit when not in use.

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Additional information


L x W x H: 225 × 170 × 143



Input Voltage

Regulated 12V DC +pin

Current Requirement


Strobe Frequency Range

30-500hz nominal

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