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Physics Equipment for the School Laboratory Classroom Hobbyist

Since 1997, we’ve been dedicated to simplifying practical science education for teachers and enhancing the learning experience for students. Explore our robust collection of physics apparatus designed with durability, ease of use, and educational outcomes in mind. Let’s make science exciting together!

Our Products

Our Mission

From the moment Lascells was founded its vision has been to make the teaching of practical science easier for educators and more enjoyable for students. Whether you are teaching forces and mechanics, experimenting with waves or planning electronics projects we have something for you.

One of the great joys of the world is understanding how it works and this is the cornerstone of our thinking. We design physics apparatus with ease of use, durability and the learning outcomes in mind. We aim to reduce setup time and unnecessary complications so that teachers can spend valuable lesson time preparing students for a future in physics and engineering.

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Our Track Record

25 Years making physics fun to teach,
and even more fun to learn

Lascells was founded in 1997 by physics teacher John Whitehead who wanted to take his designs out of a single prep room and offer them to likeminded teachers across the UK. His ideas were quick to catch on and the company’s offering of laboratory equipment went from strength to strength. As the equipment list grew so did the techniques and skills required to manufacture them.

Advanced machinery, skilled technicians and a love of science, design and engineering drove innovation, something the company is now well known for. The company continually strives to improve the design of and introduce new products to aid the teaching of science.

Through internal R&D, collaboration with partners and working alongside schools and universities Lascells continues to bring forth the best in science resources.

Designed for your needs

The design team has close links with staff in schools, universities and laboratory equipment distribution companies. Interaction and ideas from teachers and technicians are always welcomed and we are pleased to discuss any issues arising from the teaching of experimental science, particularly physics.

Our Products

Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school lab equipment from our factory in the UK.

Electricity and Magnetism

Enhance your curriculum with our advanced Electricity and Magnetism tools, designed to clarify complex principles through interactive and visually engaging experiments that captivate students' interest and foster deep understanding.


Engage your students with the intricate world of Optics using our comprehensive range. These tools help demonstrate complex concepts like light propagation and refraction in a clear, hands-on manner that encourages active learning and curiosity.

Forces and Mechanics

Equip your classroom with our Forces and Mechanics tools to demonstrate fundamental physics principles effectively. Our products make it easier to convey complex dynamics through practical applications, helping students visualize and understand mechanical interactions.


Introduce students to Thermodynamics with our specialized equipment that simplifies complex energy concepts into tangible experiments. These resources are perfect for demonstrating heat transfer and energy conservation in an engaging way.

Sound and Waves

Explore the properties of Sound and Waves through our tailored educational tools. These products are designed to simplify wave mechanics and sound properties, making them accessible and fascinating for students through hands-on exploration.

Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Deepen your students' understanding of Atomic and Nuclear Physics with our targeted educational tools. These resources demystify atomic theory and nuclear reactions, presenting them in an engaging, safe, and comprehensible format for in-depth study.

Mounted Components

Streamline your scientific demonstrations with our Mounted Components, perfect for in-depth explorations across various scientific topics. These durable, ready-to-use tools are indispensable for teaching complex theories in a clear and effective manner.