Rubens Tube Amplifier wireless

The Lascells Wireless Rubens Tube Amplifier allows users to wirelessly connect audio sources to their Lascells Rubens Tubes. Featuring two 100 W speaker outputs, this amplifier unit can happily drive your Lascells Rubens Tubes. For more impressive displays, you can now drive two Rubens Tubes in stereo. Outputs are standard speaker connections, allowing the use of 4 mm banana plugs, or standard speaker wire. Wired connection to audio sources is also supported via the 3.5 mm Aux, and the Micro USB sockets on the front panel. Output volume is adjustable using the dial on the front. This is the perfect companion to your Rubens Tube. The Wireless Rubens Tube Amplifier works with a wide range of input voltage, 9 to 24 V. This voltage range is perfectly adequate for driving the Lascells Rubens Tubes. However, the extra headroom a 24 V supply offers, may be required for driving higher loads. Recommended power supply: 18 V DC, 1 A. Supplied separately.
Key Features: Input Method: USB, AUX, Bluetooth 5.0. Short Circuit and Thermally Protected. Wide supply voltage range.

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L x W x H: 100 x 75 x 20 mm


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