Static Cell

The static cell is used to show when insulating materials rub together, electrons transfer from one to the other and, since the charge cannot be conducted away, the charge is retained on the surface.  Opposite charges can be induced on to the surface of objects nearby causing electrostatic attraction to occur. In the Static Cell all the materials are insulators—acrylic and polystyrene—and when the upper surface is rubbed lightly with a soft duster or cloth the charge induced on the polystyrene spheres causes them to be attracted to the surface.  Touching the top locally discharges the plate and the spheres move around in response. Avoid abrasive materials to keep the box crystal clear.  Clean (and discharge if required) with a damp cloth.  Use the static cell to demonstrate the effects of friction charging.  Applications include dust attracted to vinyl records, industrial dust and smoke removal systems, particles attracted to TV screens etc.
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