This apparatus is a companion to the Circuit Breaker Demonstration LA10-170A
It shows all the working parts of a modern RCCB type fuse as used in domestic consumer units. The apparatus is contained within a robust plastic tray with protective acrylic cover and includes a clear circuit layout on the main panel. Applications of electromagnetism (movement from a solenoid) are clearly demonstrated as well as the performance of the RCCB itself.
The apparatus requires a 12V a.c. supply and an oscilloscope if signal monitoring is required. A switch on the main panel is used to create a leakage path to “Earth” and this produces an immediate response from the solenoid to disconnect the supply. The solenoid can be disabled to allow for a more detailed analysis of the action.
This unit should prove invaluable to those wishing to show how this type of device operates as well as for teachers requiring an additional aid to show applications of electromagnetic devices.

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