Magnetic Mass Hook

The Lascells Magnetic Mass Hook offers a durable hanging solution without the need for permanent fixing or surface destruction.  The hook can support up to 10 kg when in direct contact with a steel surface.  The unit is supplied with a steel disc, making it the perfect partner for the Lascells Gravity Well LA30-065  (not included) by providing a fixed location for a mass.  Warning: when using the Magnetic Mass Hook with the Gravity Well, the attached mass should not exceed 1 kg.  Use two Magnetic Mass Hooks with the Gravity Well to model the warping of space-time by two celestial objects, e.g. the Earth and Moon; this allows for the captivating demonstration of a slingshot manoeuvre as used in the Apollo missions.

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L x W x H: 50 x 50 x 32 mm


0.076 kg

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