Strip & Wire Testing Clamps

These strip and wire testing clamps are designed for testing both fine ductile materials such as nylon, elastic bands, copper up to 30 SWG, human hair etc. using the pinch bolt. Or for testing thin strips of various materials such as polythene, paper, tissue, newspaper etc. the blue clamping plates provide an easy way of securely clamping the strip so that loads can be applied.
In both cases a maximum load of 10 kg should not be exceeded.
Wire testing
The wire can be clamped through the hole in the main bolt or wrapped around it.  In either case the large washers are used as shown in the two diagrams.
Strip Testing
The strip to be tested is folded around the small bar and then secured as shown in the diagram.

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L x W x H: 60 x 40 x 20 mm


0.060 kg

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