Where can a degree in Physics take you?

In celebration of National Careers Week, we speak to a selection of Astro / Physics graduates to highlight the diversity of careers within this rich field of study. Here, we speak with Harmi, a Senior Manager at an Accountancy and Business Advisory firm, to understand how a Physics degree enabled her career trajectory.

Where did you go to University and what course did you do? 
Keele University studying Astrophysics and Philosophy.

What job do you do now?
Senior Manager at an Accountancy and Business Advisory firm.

Did you always know what you wanted to do for work? 
No, I fell into my current career and ended up liking it 🙂

Do you feel that a Physics degree gave you enough freedom to choose the right career for you? 
Yes, I feel that a Physics degree helps you learn valuable foundation skills that are transferrable. I always get a good reaction from telling prospective employers about my degree and it always helps me stand out.

I always get a good reaction from telling prospective employers about my degree and it always helps me stand out.

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start a Physics degree? 
Work hard, don’t be afraid to ask questions and enjoy it. My 3 years doing my degree was some of my best (although I had a terrible time with Quantum Mechanics) and the sense of achievement afterwards is powerful so when people say ‘it’s not rocket science’, you can say ‘I’ve already done that’ 🙂

Is your work stressful? Do you feel that you have a good work-life balance in your career? 
I think my work is as stressful as most. I deal with a lot of deadlines so there is always something to do. However, my work offer flexibility on hours worked and where they are worked from, so I feel that helps give me a good degree of balance depending on what my work day looks like.  At the moment, I am also trying to launch my own business, a sustainable homeware company (called tesoro) which keeps me more than busy!

What’s the coolest thing you get to do as part of your job? 
Building a relationship with clients, some of whom are ultra-high net worth. It’s fascinating to hear their life and work journeys and what got them to where they are.

Have you had any other jobs after graduating before this one?
I’ve had 3 jobs in the same field as now, as well as working in a call centre and being an admin temp whilst deciding on what to do.


The Lascells team thank Harmi for giving us a glimpse of life after her Astrophysics degree, and for flying the flag for Women in Physics. We wish you all the best for your bright future!

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