Digital Milliammeter

The Lascells Digital Milliammeter is the perfect tool for component investigations at GCSE and A Level. Allowing users to measure current from 0 to 1999 mA, without having to change meter, or shunt. This digital bench meter is housed in robust ABS and PVC cases. Featuring ~50 minute ‘auto off’ circuitry to conserve battery life and an LED indicator prompting battery change when necessary. The digital milliammeter is protected by a 3A resettable fuse. Once the fuse has tripped, the meter will give inaccurate readings. To reset the meter, simply disconnect it from the circuit and wait approximately 30 seconds for the fuse to reset. The milliammeter should then return to a normal working state.

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L x W x H: 127 x 130 x 140 mm


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