Planck's Constant

Deduce an approximate value for Planck's constant by monitoring the voltage at which an LED begins to emit light and its frequency.

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Modern LEDs (light emitting diodes) cover the range from deep blue to infra-red. By monitoring the voltage at which each LED just begins to emit light a graph of energy input as a function of light emitted frequency can be plotted and an approximate value of Planck’s constant deduced.

The system is an excellent illustration of modern electronics and gives a good investigation into a difficult topic in Post-16 physics.

The LEDs are mounted in a self-contained box with voltage control and monitoring points for current and voltage. A protection resistor is included to prevent damage to the LEDs.

Complete with viewing tube but without power supply which should be approximately 5V d.c. from any laboratory source.

Product code: S600-020E

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