pMOSFET Mounted Component

Make investigating the behaviour and characteristics of a pMOSFET easy using this mounted component.

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MOSFETs are the most commonly used type of transistor, designed for switching or amplifying voltages in circuits. The Lascells mounted MOSFETs make investigating the behaviour and characteristics of these components simple. Users can easily connect to any of the three terminals (the drain, source and gate) using standard 4 mm banana test leads.

Available in both N-Channel and P-Channel enhancement modes, characteristic curves can be compared to better understand the behaviour and function of these components. Suitable for use in Electronics Clubs, and for the Electronics optional AQA A-Level module.

Size: 68.5 x 48.0 x 12.3 mm
Weight: 36 g
Gate-Source Voltage: ± 20 V
Gate Threshold Voltage: 1.0 – 3.5 V
Drain-Source Voltage: < 45 V
Drain Current: < 230 mA