Laser Receiver

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A dual purpose receiver designed for use with the Lascells Dual Colour laser, the unit contains a planar chip photodiode tied to a 1Mhz amplifier for speed of light calculations along with an audio amplifier for demonstrating data transmission using light.

The unit is powered by a 9V DC supply (included) and has a built in speaker for audio reception. The amplified audio is also brought out to 4mm sockets on the front panel for observation or connection to a secondary driver such as the Rubens tube.

When using the receiver for speed of light calculations the audio amplifier is disabled with the signal brought to the front panel only for monitoring using an oscilloscope.

Product code: LA20-881

Dimensions: L x W x H: 190 x 65 x 110
Weight: 400g
Input Voltage: External 9V D.C. +ve pin (Included)
Frequency Range: 1MHz / Audio frequencies switchable