Main Title of project    Erection of steel framed industrial building to BS 5950
Job Ref  LAS2122
Value (approx.) (If separate lots/ work packages please  put approx. value of each)£350k  
Planned Start Date15-03-2022
Planned Finish Date  15-06-2022
Deadline date for submission of completed tenders29th November 2021
Summary of opportunity  Brief summary of project. i.e.   To provide a steel framed industrial building along with external parking / pathways at Market Drayton.  
Expressions of interest are sought from contractors for the following works:  
Supply of building 48m x 15m, Eaves height 6m, roof pitch 15 degrees.
2 x Roller doors
2 x Mezzanine 6m x 15m
Internal block work under one mezz 15m x 3m, includes internal roller door.
Insulated concrete floor
External concrete / tarmac
Services connected to building
Opportunity details               Evaluation / Selection criteria                                        Building works to take place on a plot circa 0.35 acre which has been prepared and hardcored. The project is to build a new light manufacturing facility from the ground up with services connected ready for internal fit out (not part of tender).

Full building spec provided on request.    

Prospective contractors will have to show evidence of past projects with similar scope and successful outcomes.
Be able to deliver and quote on all aspects of the tender. Be available to work to the proposed project dates.
Meet all assessment criteria.
Provide evidence in support of pass / fail criteria.   Tender/quote assessment criteria:  
a) Price.                                                     70%
b) Technical standards and capability          10%
c) Experience and skills.                             10%
d) Financial standing.                                 PASS / FAIL
e) Contract management arrangements.      5%
f)  Delivery proposals.                                5%
g) Employers and Public liability insurance  PASS / FAIL
h) Health and safety arrangements              PASS / FAIL    

For the specification/Invitation to Quote/Tender please contact Lascells Ltd. on 01630 657801 or email

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