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The latest in our ‘home science for kids’ series looks at Sound. Try out this experiment that demonstrates sound and vibration using just a few home basics. Equipment A bowl Cling film A rubber band (you might not need to use this) Hundreds and thousands A plate Method 1. Stretch the cling film over your […]

Here is another fun science experiment to try in our ‘Home Science for Kids Series’. So here goes… here is how to make a lava lamp with home ingredients to demonstrate density. Equipment; A tall jar, glass or an empty pop bottle Vegetable oil (if you have some used oil this will work, just sieve […]

With the majority of students being asked to stay at home now, we thought it would be useful to put together some fun and easy home science experiments… starting with this density experiment! Equipment; Three empty jars One tall glass or jar A small measuring jug 100ml golden syrup 100ml sunflower or cooking oil Some […]