Sound & Waves

Mini Sonometer

Instead of a one-off demonstration use the mini-sonometer to give your students hands-on experience of sound production.

Rubens Tube AmplifierĀ 

The Rubens Tube Amplifier is a small amplifier that attaches directly to the Lascells Rubens tube.

Velocity of Sound

The Velocity of Sound apparatus provides a test bed for investigations into the characteristics of sound waves.

Stationary Wave Apparatus

The Stationary Wave Apparatus is completely self-contained and ready to use at a momentā€™s notice with minimal setting-up required.

Microwave Polariser pair

The Microwave Polariser pair is a Pair of polarising grills for demonstrating the effects of polarisation with 3cm microwaves.

Laboratory Speaker

The Laboratory Speaker is a quality, high-power (20W RMS 40W peak) 5ā€ loudspeaker on a robust metal base suitable for all laboratory applications.

Magnetic Pickup

This assembly contains a single electric guitar style, magnetic pickup with 4mm connections.

Microwave Complete Set TX, RX, RX, Probe

The microwave complete set is a full set consisting of transmitter, plate receiver and precision probe receiver.

Microwave Accessory Kit

The microwave accessory kit comprising: 2 metal reflection/diffraction plates with base.

Doppler Ball

A 90mm plastic ball with a PP3 battery powered tone generator and speaker inside for demonstrate the Doppler effect.

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