Sound & Waves

Microwave Complete Set TX, RX, RX, Probe

The microwave complete set is a full set consisting of transmitter, plate receiver and precision probe receiver.

Microwave Accessory Kit

The microwave accessory kit comprising: 2 metal reflection/diffraction plates with base.

Microwave Probe Receiver

The microwave probe receiver gives a localised, precision receiver which finds particular application in identifying areas of peak and low amplitude in interference, reflection and refraction experiments

Microwave Transmitter

Utilizes a Schottky diode oscillator module feeding a tuned waveguide and horn to give a directional microwave beam.

Microwave Receiver

The Microwave receiver uses a plate antenna which gives high sensitivity over a broad area.

Ripple Tank MkIII

This compact ripple tank unit provides an elegant method of demonstrating the wave phenomena of reflection, diffraction, refraction and interference.

Frequency Counter

The Lascells Strobe Frequency Counter provides a compact, economic, reliable and simple way of detecting the frequency of a strobe light source.

Speed of Sound

This is an easy to use piece of apparatus for determining the speed of sound in air.

Rubens Tube

A truly exciting way to show the effect of sound waves in action, the Rubens Tube really brings the topic to life in a way the students will never forget.

Space Tube

A modern replacement for the Bell in a Bell Jar Apparatus.

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