Sound & Waves

Amplified Resonance Tube

Add some volume to your Physics Labs with the new Amplified Resonance Tube from Lascells: an exciting tool for the demonstration and study of standing waves in air columns.

Digital Signal Generator

Decade free frequency changing by press button UP and DOWN controls with time sensitive rate of change. Sweep from 0.1 Hz to 100kHz in seconds.

Wireless Rubens Tube Amplifier

The Lascells Wireless Rubens Tube Amplifier allows users to wirelessly connect audio sources to their Lascells Rubens Tubes.

Speed of Sound

This is an easy to use piece of apparatus for determining the speed of sound in air.

Microwave Polariser pair

The Microwave Polariser pair is a Pair of polarising grills for demonstrating the effects of polarisation with 3cm microwaves.

Microwave Accessory Kit

The microwave accessory kit comprising: 2 metal reflection/diffraction plates with base.

Microwave Probe Receiver

The microwave probe receiver gives a localised, precision receiver which finds particular application in identifying areas of peak and low amplitude in interference, reflection and refraction experiments

Microwave Receiver

The Microwave receiver uses a plate antenna which gives high sensitivity over a broad area.

Microwave Transmitter

Utilizes a Schottky diode oscillator module feeding a tuned waveguide and horn to give a directional microwave beam.

Resonance Tube

The Resonance Tube apparatus is ideal for all resonance investigations in air columns.

Microwave Complete Set TX, RX, RX, Probe

The microwave complete set is a full set consisting of transmitter, plate receiver and precision probe receiver.

Doppler Ball

A 100 mm plastic ball with a coin cell battery powered buzzer inside for demonstrations of the Doppler Effect.

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