Colour Filter Blue

Colour Filter Blue gel filter is part of a set of gel filters with transmissions peaking at the primary and secondary colour wavelengths.

UV Test Rig

A UV LED provides the UV source in this test rig. Because of its construction there is no radiation hazard and students can test the UV absorbing properties of various materials.

Pin Hole Camera

Pin Hole Camera set for student investigation of basic image production.

Optics screen

The Optics screen is a 120 x 175mm white screen on a simple base for use in lens investigations where a real image is projected onto a screen.

Optics Board

The optics board is a 9mm fibre board bonded to an MDF backing sheet for optics work.

Fibre Optic Probe

A white LED source with detachable fibre optic cable. Used for demonstrating the principle of light transmission along fibre optic cables.

Slide Carrier

A simple acrylic carrier to hold standard slides 50 x 50 x 2mm such as Young’s slits / diffraction grating. 

Malus’s Law

Students can investigate the relationship between the proportion of transmitted light and the angle of rotation of two polarising filters.

Spectral Source

The spectral source unit has been specially developed to provide a varied range of light sources for examination by spectrometers.

Colour Mixer

The colour mixer is a fully self-contained apparatus for demonstrating the mixing of coloured lights to produce secondary colours (and white) in the traditional three-circle pattern.


Polarimetry is a rewarding field of study in any Post-16 course to explore the applications of polarised light.