Stress Structure Set

The Stress Structure Set is a set of four additional shapes for use with the polaroid analyser.

Polaroid Analyser

The Polaroid analyser gives a convenient method for analysing polarisation of light and stress in suitable materials.

Periscopes Kit

A pack of 30 cardboard periscope nets with mirrors.

Dual Colour Laser

The semiconductor laser contains two independently controlled laser diodes, one at the standard 650nm red and a second at 532nm green.

Slide Carrier

A simple acrylic carrier to hold standard slides 50 x 50 x 2mm such as Young’s slits / diffraction grating. 

Colour Filters

Flexible acetate transmission colour filter material suitable for making slides for colour mixing experiments.

Laser Reflection Tank

Create textbook-perfect ray diagrams with the Lascells Laser Reflection Tank.

Spectral Source

The spectral source unit has been specially developed to provide a varied range of light sources for examination by spectrometers.

Laser Receiver

The laser receiver has a 1Mhz amplifier for speed of light calculations along with an audio amplifier for demonstrating data transmission using light.

LED Ray Box

A classic LED ray box for ray tracing in optics experiments.

Colour Filter Yellow

Colour Filter Yellow gel filter is part of a set of gel filters with transmissions peaking at the primary and secondary colour wavelengths.

Colour Filter Neutral Density

Colour Filter Neutral Density gel filter is part of our gel filters set.