Heat Energy

Energy Meter

The Lascells Energy Meter provides an all-in-one solution to teaching Specific Heat Capacity. With real-time read out of voltage, current, time and temperature, all measurement parameters are provided for students to calculate Specific Heat Capacity from first principles.

Boyle’s Law Digital apparatus

The Digital Boyle's Law Apparatus provides a self contained, reliable and simple way of demonstrating Boyle's Law.

Thermistor System

The Thermistor System contains an NTC bead thermistor with a nominal resistance of 4.7kΩ in a glass tube with electrical connection made by means of 4mm flying leads.

Immersion Heater 12V 50W

An immersion heater for controlled heating in the laboratory.

Leslies Radiation Plate

Leslies Radiation Plate apparatus allows the demonstration of the dramatic differences in radiated heat from various surfaces.

BI-Metal Strip Kit

The BI-Metal Strip Kit is a class kit which consists of 10 bi-metal strips measuring 100 × 8 × 0.5 securely attached to wooden supports, 50 × 35 × 12mm.

Bi-Metal Strip

The Bi-Metal Strip consists of a bimetalic strip 220 × 18 × 1mm attached to a wooden handle.

Insulated Jackets 90mm (pack of 5)

Insulated Jackets 90mm thick felt sleeves and a base mat to fit 90mm calorimeters.

Insulated Jackets 75mm (pack of 5)

Insulated Jackets 75mm thick felt sleeves and a base mat to fit 75mm calorimeters.

Insulated Jackets 65mm (pack of 5)

Insulated Jackets 65mm thick felt sleeves and a base mat to fit 65mm calorimeters.

Insulated Jackets 50mm (pack of 5)

Insulated Jackets 50mm are thick felt sleeves and a base mat to fit 50mm calorimeters.