Forces & Mechanics

Vacuum Bazooka

The Vacuum Bazooka attaches to a vacuum cleaner and launches lightweight, hollow projectiles at high velocity.

Viscosity Kit

The viscosity kit comprises a 1m long, 50mm diameter acrylic tube, fitted with two rubber bungs and supplied with five nitrile O-rings on the outside. Also included is a pack of 4mm and 6mm diameter ball bearings.

Wheel and Axle

Wheel and Axle  is a pair of coupled solid Acrylic wheels 150mm and 50mm dia on a freely running bearing supported on an aluminium handle suitable for holding in a standard laboratory clamp.

Wind Generator

The Wind Generator is a low inertia electric motor with plastic impeller. The impeller can be rotated using a hair drier or blower and a DC voltage can be monitored at the output.