Forces & Mechanics

Monkey and Hunter

An essential part of projectile studies is the 'Monkey and Hunter' problem.

Monkey Replacement

A replacement monkey for the Monkey and Hunter apparatus.

Reaction Timer

A Reaction Timer for use with Lascells timers. The subject presses the START button and after a short random delay the light comes on.

Resolved Forces Board

The Resolved Forces Board uses spring balances on an easy to understand layout to easily demonstrate the concept of balanced and resolved forces.

Resonance System

This original apparatus gives students a modern approach to a fascinating topic of resonance with great scope for imaginative research.

Rotary System

The Rotary System is a simple but effective system that makes a complicated topic into one of the most enjoyable lessons possible for all ages at secondary level.

Rotary Platform

The Rotary Platform is a strong turntable suitable for rotational motion demonstrations.

Millisecond Timer

An easy to use millisecond timer.

Strip and Wire Testing Clamps

These strip and wire testing clamps are designed for testing both fine ductile materials, or for testing thin strips of materials such as polythene, paper etc.

Timer Light Gate

An infra-red beam, high speed light gate for use with Lascells timers.

Millisecond Triple Timer

The Lascells Millisecond Triple Timer provides all the facilities required for dynamics timing.

Vacuum Bazooka

The Vacuum Bazooka attaches to a vacuum cleaner and launches lightweight, hollow projectiles at high velocity.