Forces & Mechanics

Electro Mechanical Winch System

The Electro Mechanical Winch System is a fool-proof system for allowing students to investigate the raising of a mechanical load by an electrical input.

Flexi Ramp

A flexible surface made from durable PVC measuring 120 × 1220 × 3mm with 5mm side walls.

Free Fall Tube

The free fall tube comprises a 1m long, 50mm diameter acrylic tube which can be partially evacuated using a hand pump through the end stopper.

Gravity Well

The gravity well is an exciting piece of apparatus which allows students to visualise the attraction of massive objects due to gravity.

Dynamics Trolley Sprung

A spring loaded pin version of the hardwood dynamics trolley.

Hardwood Dynamics Trolley Unsprung

Hardwood Dynamics Trolley Unsprung is a traditional hardwood trolley on three double row ball bearing wheels for exceptional free running.

Hookes Law

This Hookes Law apparatus from Lascells provides a robust and convenient method of verifying Hooke’s law.

LED Stroboscope

The Lascells LED stroboscope is a compact microcontroller timed strobe lamp suitable for prolonged operation.

Lemon LED

The Lemon LED is a low powered LED comes securely contained within a robust tube for protection. Suitable for use with lemon batteries.

Magnetic Release Unit

A Magnetic Release Unit designed for use with either g by free fall systems or the Monkey and Hunter apparatus

Mini Loudspeaker 64ohm 0.5W

Mini Loudspeaker 64Ω, 0.5W, 60mm dia. loudspeaker particularly suited to electronic circuits.