Forces & Mechanics

Magnetic Mass Hook

The Magnetic Mass Hook is the perfect partner for the Lascells Gravity Well, offering a fixed location for a mass.

Gyroscope Wheel

Gyroscope wheel teaching aid for an unforgettable demonstration of gyroscopic motion, including precession, angular momentum and torque.

Density Cubes

This density cubes set is contained in a wooden box, 100 x 80 x 40mm with sliding lid. The set contains 12 cubes each 20 x 20 x 20mm of different materials.

Levers Kit

The Levers kit contains five systems and each system will require a set of 10g slotted masses.

g by Free Fall

g by free fall impact plate and release unit.

Newton Scales

Bathroom scales calibrated in Newtons.

Charles Law Apparatus

The Charles Law Apparatus consists of a uniform capillary tube, sealed at one end with linear metric scale.

Action – Reaction Platforms pair

The Action - Reaction Platforms [pair] are trolleys large enough for students to sit on to experience the effect of Newton’s Third Law.

Barton’s Pendulums

Barton’s pendulums is a well known resonance effect but usually difficult to set up and store.

Boyle’s Law Digital apparatus

The Digital Boyle's Law Apparatus provides a self contained, reliable and simple way of demonstrating Boyle's Law.

Centre of Gravity Shapes

Centre of Gravity Shapes kit contains all of the necessary apparatus for a class to determine the centre of gravity of an irregularly shaped object.

Compact Ramp Kit

The Compact Ramp Kit provides dynamics on a small scale; ideal for bench top investigations with multiple groups.