Electricity & Magnetism

Aluminium Foil Support Bar

A neat and effective way of supporting foil strips when demonstrating the attraction and repulsion of current carrying conductors.

C Core and Clip Set

Two laminated C-cores and plated spring steel holding clip for use with the transformer coils.

Lenz’s Law – Splat The Rat

Lenz's Law demonstrated using the Splat The Rat demonstration lending itself to a fun classroom activity based on a village fete challenge.


A fully self-contained transformer system which enables students to investigate turns ratios and efficiency with the minimum of complication.

Neodymium Wand Set pk5

A set is a pack of 5 acrylic wands each fitted with a powerful 12mm diameter Neodymium button magnet.

Adjustable Magnet

The Adjustable Magnet consists of a steel frame with lockable, adjustable jaws enabling the field strength to be varied.

Earth Neutral Live Demo

The Earth Neutral Live Demo is an effective demonstration of how the earth wire and fuse act together to protect both the user and the appliance.

Decade Resistance Box

The Decade Resistance Box is a four decade resistance box covering 1Ω to 9999Ω in 1Ω steps.

Capacitance Box

The Capacitance Box has ten capacitance values in a plastic enclosure measuring 185 x 80 x 65mm.


The B.I.L. COIL is a printed circuit board coil on support handle with 5 and 10 turns rated at 2A.

Resistance Selector

The resistance selector is a mini substitution unit using a single rotary switch to select from twelve values all at 5% 0.5W.

Capacitance Selector

The Capacitance Selector has twelve non-electrolytic capacitors selected by a rotary switch mounted on an acrylic base.