Electricity & Magnetism

Joule Gun

The Joule Gun is a highly original apparatus offers an exciting application of topics such as energy storage, capacitor charging, mechanical energy, efficiency and electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic System

The Electromagnetic System is a self-contained unit allowing students to study the effect of current and number of coils on the strength of an electromagnet.

Electric Field Apparatus

The Electric Field Apparatus is a simple model for demonstrating electric fields between various electrode configurations.

Electrostatic Plastic Strips [20pk]

A pack of 20 strips each measuring 200 x 25 x 2mm. Ten are polycarbonate and ten are polystyrene.

Electrostatic Stirrups Pk 10

Electrostatic Stirrups Pk 10 are brass wire holders for supporting plastics strips in electrostatics experiments.

Zinc Plate – Photo-electric Effect

A 40 × 40mm zinc plate used to show discharge under UV Lighting and the photo-electric effect.

Wire Potentiometer

A traditional wire potentiometer comprising 1m of 0.56mm diameter Constantan wire on a hardwood base.


An ergonomically designed jockey for providing a sliding contact for use with the Resistance Wire Boards or Potentiometers.

Resistance Wire Board

The Resistance Wire Board provides the basis for student investigations into resistance.

Resistivity Board

The Resistivity Board provides four wires of the same diameter but different materials.

Piezo Transducer

The Piezo Transducer consists of a 15mm diameter ceramic element with integral, protective press-stud, the device gives voltage pulses of up to 20V when given a sharp tap.

Lost Volts

This 'Lost Volts' apparatus provides a convenient solution for experimentally determining the internal resistance and the EMF of a cell.