Electricity & Magnetism

Charge Separation Rods

The Charge Separation Rods are designed for use with the Lascells  E-Field Detector. 

E-Field Grounding Plate

The Earth Grounding Plate is designed for use with The Lascells E-Field Detector but can also be used in any situation where an earthed working surface is required to neutralise electrostatic charge.

E-Field Proof Plane

The E-Field Proof Plane is a device for transferring charge from a charged object.

Static Cell

When insulating materials rub together, electrons transfer from one to the other and, since the charge cannot be conducted away, the charge is retained on the surface.

Battery Eliminator

The Lascells battery eliminator is a light-weight and compact power supply intended to reduce the science departments’ need for batteries.

Digital Millivoltmeter

Digital Millivoltmeter is the perfect tool for component investigations at GCSE and A Level.

Digital Milliammeter

A Digital Milliammeter with auto-off.

E-Field Detector

The Lascells E-Field Detector provides a new and novel way to demonstrate charge.

Variable Power Supply – Precision

A precision variable full specification power supply for the school laboratory with unrivalled advantages in terms of design and electrical specification.

12V Switched Power Supply

A traditional step-down transformer based 12V switched power supply.

Digital Voltmeter

A Digital voltmeter for use in school electronics work, the unit gives accurate readings and saves batteries with its auto-off feature.

Switched Power Supply – Precision

A precision switched power supply.