Pin Hole Camera

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For student investigation of basic image production. Each “camera” is constructed from a durable, black ABS tube 190mm long and 50×60 end section which can stand repeated use and storage while leaving the students scope to construct the rest of the system.

A black paper square is taped across one end and a pinhole made with a standard optical pin. At the other end a frosted screen can be taped in a similar way to view the image.

Unlike cardboard systems the tape can easily be removed and the kit restored for other students to use.

The kit comes complete with 10 tubes, black paper and frosted plastic film. In use the kit requires a bright light source such as a bench lamp with suitable object.

Spare black paper 10x A4 sheets: LA20-251

Spare frosted film 10x A4 sheets: LA20-252

Product code: LA20-250A