Lenz's Law

Lenz’s Law – Splat The Rat

Lenz's Law demonstrated using the Splat The Rat demonstration lending itself to a fun classroom activity based on a village fete challenge.

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Lenz’s Law can be demonstrated using the standard Eddy Current Tubes whereby a magnet falls through a copper tube at a slower rate than an un-magnetised weight. The Splat The Rat demonstration lends itself to a fun classroom activity based on the village fete challenge of Splat the Rat. Two ‘rats’ are supplied, one containing strong neodymium magnets and the other just a metal weight. 1m of copper tube and a foam-covered rounders bat completes the kit. In use, the challenge for the pupil is to hit the rat as it emerges from the tube. It gives a dramatic demonstration of Lenz’s Law since the magnetised rat takes about 5 seconds to exit the tube.

Product code: LA10-875A

Dimensions: 1000 x 30 x 30mm. Weight 0.3kg. Fun and dramatic demonstration of Lenz’s Law. Interactive and entertaining demonstration of induced currents and magnetic fields.