Frequency Counter

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The Lascells Strobe Frequency Counter provides a compact, economic, reliable and simple way of detecting the frequency of a strobe light source. The sensor is calibrated to work with the Lascells ripple tank, allowing a quick measurement of strobe frequency. Simply turn the device on, and place it onto a closed ripple tank, and the frequency of the strobe will be displayed. The device is accurate from 1 Hz to 1 kHz, which exceeds the Strobe range of the Lascells ripple tank.

The Lascells Strobe Frequency Counter is also compatible with other strobe light sources.

Battery not included.

Product code: LA50-610

Dimensions:            L x W x H: 76 x 52 x 30
Weight:                    38g (not inc battery)
Input Voltage:         9V PP3 Battery (not inc)
Current Draw:         40mA (Typical maximum draw) 20mA (Standby draw)
Range:                     1 Hz to 1 kHz
Resolution:              1 Hz