The Lascells E-Field Detector provides a new and novel way to demonstrate charge.

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The Lascells E-Field Detector provides a new and novel way to demonstrate charge. This highly sensitive electronic device is an essential piece of equipment in the Physics teachers’ armoury as it can detect very small charges and their polarity, as well as charge at a distance.

Until now, in the school science lab, it has only been possible to demonstrate opposite and like charges by repulsion and attraction experiments or the very delicate Gold Leaf Electroscope. This unique, robust piece of equipment allows the Physics teacher to clearly show whether a positive or negative charge has been created and in which directions the electrons have moved.

The LED array indicates not only positive or negative charge, but also its size. The external voltmeter sockets allow for quantitative measurements. Very quick and easy to setup, the Lascells E-Field Detector is a benefit for specialist and non-specialist teachers alike and is so easy to use that students could gather data themselves.

The comprehensive instructions include both traditional experiments that benefit from the use of the Lascells E-field Detector along with new exciting ways to look at charge. This makes difficult concepts more understandable and engaging for the students.

This is a real game changer in the subject of electrostatics.

24V AC-DC Adapter included.

Product Code: LA10-990

Dimensions:                     L x W x H: 145 x 100 x 50mm (excl. BNC nose)

Weight:                            252g

Input Voltage:                   24V DC

Current Draw:                   50mA

Display Range:                  Hi sensitivity 6 – 125pC; Lo sensitivity 0.6 – 12.5nC

Display Resolution:            Hi sensitivity min. resolution 6pC; Lo sensitivity min resolution 0.6nC

Socket Output Range:        0 – 4.7V equivalent to Hi sensitivity 0 – 470pC; Lo sensitivity 0 – 47nC