Colour Mixer

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This is a fully self-contained apparatus for demonstrating the mixing of coloured lights to produce secondary colours (and white) in the traditional three-circle pattern. High-intensity LEDs provide the pure spectral light sources and they are contained in a stylish enclosure with front aperture to permit projection of the image on to a standard white screen or for forward projection on to an opalescent screen (supplied).
A plug-top mains adaptor is provided supplying 5V d.c. There is no setting up required – plug in, switch on and point the unit at a suitable screen.
Colourmix has three controls to vary the intensity of each of the Red, Green and Blue beams via internal circuitry. The teacher can mix the colours in any combination or saturation. The unit is also ideal for demonstrating the absorption of wavelengths by coloured objects. Red paint appears black in green light etc.
The LEDs provide a much better facility than coloured filters.
Colourmix is best used in a blacked-out laboratory.
The main unit is in a black anodised aluminium housing measuring 130 × 110 × 60mm.
An opalescent screen is included which measures 200 × 200mm.

Product code: LA20-805