Our Products – Physics equipment for educators

New Products

Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school lab equipment from our factory in the UK.

Magnetic Field – Solenoid

The Magnetic Field - Solenoid is a clear acrylic base assembly which is suitable for bench or overhead projector use.

Magnetic Field – Twin Coil

The Magnetic Field - Twin Coil is a clear acrylic base assembly which is suitable for bench or overhead projector use.

Circuit Breaker Demonstration

The circuit breaker demonstration will prove invaluable for showing applications of electromagnetic devices (the solenoid) and bi-metal strips.

RCCB Demonstration

The RCCB Demonstration shows all the working parts of a modern RCCB type fuse as used in domestic consumer units.

Joule Gun

The Joule Gun is a highly original apparatus offers an exciting application of topics such as energy storage, capacitor charging, mechanical energy, efficiency and electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic System

The Electromagnetic System is a self-contained unit allowing students to study the effect of current and number of coils on the strength of an electromagnet.

Electric Field Apparatus

The Electric Field Apparatus is a simple model for demonstrating electric fields between various electrode configurations.

Electrostatic Plastic Strips [20pk]

A pack of 20 strips each measuring 200 x 25 x 2mm. Ten are polycarbonate and ten are polystyrene.

Electrostatic Stirrups Pk 10

Electrostatic Stirrups Pk 10 are brass wire holders for supporting plastics strips in electrostatics experiments.

Zinc Plate – Photo-electric Effect

A 40 × 40mm zinc plate used to show discharge under UV Lighting and the photo-electric effect.

Wire Potentiometer

A traditional wire potentiometer comprising 1m of 0.56mm diameter Constantan wire on a hardwood base.


An ergonomically designed jockey for providing a sliding contact for use with the Resistance Wire Boards or Potentiometers.