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Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school lab equipment from our factory in the UK.

Variable Power Supply – Precision

A precision variable full specification power supply for the school laboratory with unrivalled advantages in terms of design and electrical specification.

12V Switched Power Supply

A traditional step-down transformer based 12V switched power supply.

Millisecond Timer

An easy to use millisecond timer.

Digital Voltmeter

A Digital voltmeter for use in school electronics work, the unit gives accurate readings and saves batteries with its auto-off feature.

Switched Power Supply – Precision

A precision switched power supply.

Demonstration Electric Motor

The Demonstration Electric Motor is a ready built fully functional unit showing all the essential features of a simple motor as taught in the KS4 syllabus.

Resistance Substitution Box

A robust Resistance Substitution Box rated at 2W

Faraday’s Law Apparatus

This system provides a simple and effective method of studying Faraday's Law. Twin coils, 150 and 300 turns, allows for extra versatility.

Digital Voltmeter Class Pack of 15

A class pack of digital voltmeters 15 units supplied.

Digital Ammeter

Spend Less time changing batteries with Lascells digital ammeter.

Digital Ammeter – Class Pack of 15

A pack of 15 ammeters shipped in the same box.

Magnetic Field – Vertical Wire

The Magnetic Field - Vertical Wire is a clear acrylic base assembly which is suitable for bench or overhead projector use.