Our Products – Physics equipment for educators

New Products

Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school lab equipment from our factory in the UK.

Digital Millivoltmeter

Digital Millivoltmeter is the perfect tool for component investigations at GCSE and A Level.

Digital Milliammeter

A Digital Milliammeter with auto-off.

g by Free Fall

g by free fall impact plate and release unit.

Newton Scales

Bathroom scales calibrated in Newtons.

Charles Law Apparatus

The Charles Law Apparatus consists of a uniform capillary tube, sealed at one end with linear metric scale.

E-Field Detector

The Lascells E-Field Detector provides a new and novel way to demonstrate charge.

Frequency Counter

The Lascells Strobe Frequency Counter provides a compact, economic, reliable and simple way of detecting the frequency of a strobe light source.

Planck’s Constant

Deduce an approximate value for Planck's constant by monitoring the voltage at which an LED begins to emit light and its frequency.

Periscopes Kit

A pack of 30 cardboard periscope nets with mirrors.

Cloud Chamber

The Lascells cloud chamber is the perfect alternative to existing unreliable and time consuming dry ice variants.

UV Test Rig

A UV LED provides the UV source in this test rig. Because of its construction there is no radiation hazard and students can test the UV absorbing properties of various materials.

Half Life Analogue

A screw-top plastic container of 500, 10mm cubes to be used to investigate the topic of half-life.