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Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school laboratory supplies from our factory in the UK.

Frequency Counter

The Lascells Strobe Frequency Counter provides a compact, economic, reliable and simple way of detecting the frequency of a strobe light source.

Planck’s Constant

Deduce an approximate value for Planck's constant by monitoring the voltage at which an LED begins to emit light and its frequency.

Periscopes Kit

A pack of 30 cardboard periscope nets with mirrors.

Cloud Chamber

The Lascells cloud chamber is the perfect alternative to existing unreliable and time consuming dry ice variants.

Half Life Analogue

A screw-top plastic container of 500, 10mm cubes to be used to investigate the topic of half-life.

Mounted Component Logic XNOR Gate

A single logic gate XNOR