Our Products – Physics equipment for educators

New Products

Lascells design and manufacture a wide range of physics equipment and school lab equipment from our factory in the UK.

Amplified Resonance Tube

Add some volume to your Physics Labs with the new Amplified Resonance Tube from Lascells: an exciting tool for the demonstration and study of standing waves in air columns.

2A Battery Eliminator

The 2A battery eliminator is a light-weight and compact power supply, to reduce the science departments’ need for batteries.

Class II Laser Pointer

The Lascells Class II Laser Pointer is the safe and affordable option for your classroom laser source.

Adjustable Laser Stand

The Lascells Adjustable Laser Stand is the ideal hands-free solution for securing a laser pointer for optics experiments.

pMOSFET Mounted Component

Make investigating the behaviour and characteristics of a pMOSFET easy using this mounted component.

nMOSFET Mounted Component

Make investigating the behaviour and characteristics of a nMOSFET easy using this mounted component.

Laser Reflection Tank

Create textbook-perfect ray diagrams with the Lascells Laser Reflection Tank.

Charge Separation Rods

The Charge Separation Rods are designed for use with the Lascells  E-Field Detector. 

E-Field Grounding Plate

The Earth Grounding Plate is designed for use with The Lascells E-Field Detector but can also be used in any situation where an earthed working surface is required to neutralise electrostatic charge.

E-Field Proof Plane

The E-Field Proof Plane is a device for transferring charge from a charged object.

Magnetic Mass Hook

The Magnetic Mass Hook is the perfect partner for the Lascells Gravity Well, offering a fixed location for a mass.

Gyroscope Wheel

Gyroscope wheel teaching aid for an unforgettable demonstration of gyroscopic motion, including precession, angular momentum and torque.