Resistors (5%)SX100-010 - 026

Resistors (5%)
Resistors (5%)

A full range of resistors for general circuit work and Ohm’s Law studies etc. Convenient metric values make for easier student calculations. Power ratings vary from 2W for the lower values to 0.25W for the higher ones.

SX100-010 Resistor 10Ω
SX100-011 Resistor 20Ω
SX100-012 Resistor 50Ω
SX100-013 Resistor 100Ω
SX100-026 Resistor 180Ω
SX100-014 Resistor 200Ω
SX100-015 Resistor 500Ω
SX100-016 Resistor 1kΩ
SX100-017 Resistor 2kΩ
SX100-018 Resistor 5kΩ
SX100-019 Resistor 10kΩ
SX100-020 Resistor 20kΩ
SX100-021 Resistor 50kΩ
SX100-022 Resistor 100kΩ
SX100-023 Resistor 200kΩ
SX100-024 Resistor 500kΩ
SX100-025 Resistor 1MΩ

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