Logic Gates100-130

Logic Gates
Logic Gates

These common single logic gates are conveniently mounted on robust acrylic bases with 4mm sockets.

The gates are CMOS 4000 series logic and will require a smooth D.C. supply voltage in the range 3–18V. The integrated circuits are easily replaceable and the output status of each gate is indicated via an integral LED.

SX100-130 Inverter / NOT gate
SX100-131 2 input NAND gate
SX100-132 2 input AND gate
SX100-133 2 input OR gate
SX100-134 2 input Exclusive OR (XOR) gate
SX100-135 2 input NOR gate
SX100-136 2 input Exclusive NOR (XNOR) gate

Order Code: XLE220820
Manufacturer Code: SX100-130 – SX100-136

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